How Wood Floor Cleaner by Swiffer


Swiffer Wet Jet works in the wood floor cleaner system a little different than other cleaner in our test. Pre-mixed floor cleaning solutions are dispensed onto the floor through Swiffer mop. Texture pad attached to the head head (including screw strip) collect soil and cleaner when you pass through the floor. In our examination, the swife system dissolves very well and removes our sticky soil with very little passes, but struggles to remove the scuff marks a little, repeat swipes are needed. The system is very easy to use and the cleaner is very easy to distribute.

Pre-finished wood floor test panel dirt with a mix of screw marks and a sticky rigid gel-com for how fast and thoroughly to dissolve and remove the 24-hardwood floor cleaner. We tested with the quantity of each cleaner measure and the number of strokes to use. All clean trials are managed to triplet. It was easy for us to evaluate each cleaner, no need to label labeling the transparency and completeness of the instruction and review based on the elements.

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